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gravatar Ronald B. Cemer is a developer for 3 plugins.

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MIT sf 1.4sf 1.3
sfActionCredentialsGetterPlugin is a simple symfony plugin to enable you to get the required credentials for a given module name and action name, and to determine whether the action is secure. The plugin provides a single class, sfActionCredentialsGetter, which allows you to query a module name and action name to determine whether the action is secure, and if so, to get the list of credentials required to execute the action. Developed on/for symfony 1.4.1 with Doctrine ORM. Should also work fine with Propel.
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MIT sf 1.4sf 1.3
sfAjaxAdminDoctrineThemePlugin is a symfony plugin to ajaxify the symfony admin generator. With this plugin, your admin pages will be automatically converted to use AJAX for all user gestures, greatly improving the interactivity and "feel" of your application. Each admin page is loaded once, and from that point, all admin actions are handled as AJAX requests which return JSON-encoded page sections which are used to update the various sections of the page. The AJAX/JSON approach results in a much snappier user interface because user gestures do not result in page reloads. As a result, the application feels more like a desktop application, resulting in greater user satisfaction. This plugin was developed using the default admin theme as a starting point. Developed on/for symfony 1.4.1 with Doctrine ORM.
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MIT sf 1.4sf 1.3
For high-speed data entry, there's nothing like being able to enter a date or date/time in any of the normally accepted formats and have it automatically re-format for you. Datejs is the key to enabling this functionality. We've also thrown in the jQuery DatePicker component for good measure, which allows you to browse a calendar to select a date. This is activated by a button to the right of the date input field. All of the date and date/time widgets which come with Symfony are clumsy, difficult to use, and not suited for high-speed data entry. This widget plugin will allow you to use a normal text input field for date or date/time entry, and have a button next to the input which pops up a jQuery DatePicker component for selecting the date by hand. It uses Datejs to auto-reformat any manually-entered date or date/time into standard YYYY-MM-DD or YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss format.