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MIT sf 1.4
This plugin is a reincarnation of the very good Symfony CMS plugin sfSimpleCMSReloadedPlugin provided by Francois Zaninotto, reworked to make it compatible with Symfony 1.4 and some additional libraries: Protoculous library was replace by jQuery 1.4 (via sfJqueryReloadedPlugin) Propel was updated to version 1.5 (via sfPropel15Plugin) TinyMCE was integrated into sfSimpleCMSReloadedPlugin This plugin allows you to add a simple Content Management System (CMS) to your symfony application with the following features: Uses Javascript and Ajax to provide a neat user experience Edit zones in pages Edit page URL (you can use / in page path) Edit content in the real context ('edit in place') Preview result Create and manage a tree structure for pages i18n ready (the interface is translated) l10n ready (a page can have different versions) support multiple templates Basic publication workflow Breadcrumb navigation User management is controlled through sfGuardPlugin It is not aimed at replacing full-featured CMS packages, but offers a lightweight alternative for when you build a website that has to contain pages often updated by special users. It is voluntarily simple, and very easy to configure; so it should fulfill most basic CMS requirements. Please note that this plugin is in active development. If you want to help and improve it, please contact us at