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Simple SMS Plugin for Symfony

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The simple SMS Plugin allows sending of SMS's via the http://www.clickatell.com SMS gateway.


You'll need to have an account with clickatell to be able to use this plugin. You can either sign up for one on their site - or drop me a mail and I'll send you back an account with some test credits on.

Clickatell also support 2-way messaging, flash messages, sending ringtones, images, etc.

A clickatell account has 3 primary attributes - username, password and the appID.

This plugin requires the sfWebBrowser plugin to operate. Requests from your application to clickatell.com are performed via http - so you'll need to ensure your firewall rules are set accordingly.


The clickatell API also allows server side callbacks to a url of your chosing for status & delivery information.

It has a very simple but flexible api:

// Construct the message object
$msg = new dhSimpleSMS('appID', 'username','password');

// Query the account balance
$balance = $msg->accountBalance();

// Simply send a message
$messageID = $msg->sendMessage("+CCNNUUMMBBEERR", "message");

// Send a message with extended options
$messageID = $msg->sendMessage(
                'callback' =>3,
                'deliv_ack' =>1,
                'from' => '+CCNNUUMMBBEERR'
// Retrieve a status update using a messageID
$status = $msg->queryMessage($messageID);