diaToPropelPlugin - 0.2.2

The diaToPropel plugins provides xsl transformations to convert a dia UML diagram into valid propel schema, and backwise.

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diaToPropelPlugin 0.2.2stable for sf 1.2sf 1.1 and Propel MIT
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This plugin provides support for UML diagrams designed in Dia. You need to follow the proper syntax in order to ensure that the diagram can be transformed into a propel model.

The syntax is the following:

columns are properties of the class

  • the type of the property refers to the type of the column
  • the value of the property provides the default value of the column - autoIncrement is supported

indexes and keys are methods of the class

  • the name of the function identifies the type of the key - it may be primaryKey, foreignKey or index
  • arguments of the function represent the columns involved in the key or index
  • for indexes and primaryKeys the arguments must not have a type
  • for foreignKeys the second argument, representing the foreign column ,must have the foreign table name as its type.
  • on foreignKeys the onDelete attribute may be set using the method's stereotype property

You may use UML connectors to improve the visual appearance of the DB model, however the information stored in the classes are sufficient to build the propel schema. While building the DB diagram from a propel schema file you have to keep in mind that at the moment this part does only the transformation, so the created diagram will have the tables put on each other without eye candy UML connectors. In my opinion one should use this function to create a model from an existing db schema, and then use the dia diagram to modify it further.

The diaToPropel is a plugin to aid database visualisation. For databases designed using the Dia UML editor, it provides xsl transformations to convert the diagram into valid propel schema, and backwise.


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gravatar Gabor KORMANY lead moc]tod[liamg]ta[gynamrok


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