drDoctrineCompilePlugin - 1.0.0

Provides a doctrine:compile task

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This plugin provides a doctrine:compile-core task which automatically compiles Doctrine classes for the database drivers you are using in your project. The plugin uses the Doctrine_Compiler::compile method (see http://www.doctrine-project.org/projects/orm/1.2/docs/manual/improving-performance/en#compile)

Once compiled, the plugin loads the compiled file, instead of the Doctrine files from the vendor directory.


Enable the plugin in config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php, before you enable the sfDoctrinePlugin:

class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration
  public function setup()
      'drDoctrineCompilePlugin', // N.B. first enable drDoctrineCompilePlugin, then sfDoctrinePlugin
      // ...
  // ...


Run the command:

./symfony doctrine:compile-core

As a result, a new file is created: cache/doctrine/Doctrine.compiled.php. This file is automatically included by the plugin.

Optional configuration

You may configure the path where you wish to save the compiled core to:

# in app.yml:

    compiled_path: /home/doctrine/Doctrine.compiled.php

When you are using version control software, you should not commit the compiled file. Instead, add it to the ignore list.

By default, the compiled file is saved to cache/doctrine/Doctrine.compiled.php. Thus when the cache is cleared using the symfony cache:clear command, the compiled file will also be deleted. By default the compiled file is automatically created again, unless you disable this functionality:

# in app.yml:

    auto_compile: false


To make this plugin work, I had to override the config setting sf_doctrine_dir, so that it points to a "fake" directory that contains an empty file Doctrine.php. This may interfere with your existing project.

To do

  • Provide a way to use the compiler on non-*nix servers