dtXmlReporterPlugin - 0.0.12

XML based report generator

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This plugin enables the creation of complex, multi-dimensional reports (similar to those seen in Access) using XML and PHP.

The manual is here

This is Alpha software, there are sure to be bugs and missing features - if you find any missing features or bugs let me know :)

I will be adding complete examples to the manual and codebase, and an online demo soon-ish ..


  • Reports created by providing meta data on the required fields / lists (definitions)
  • These definitions contain XPath expressions to either the resultset or the report context
  • Any part of a report can be iterated with a resultset
  • Resultsets are generated from an XML query document
  • The query document allows independent nested queries
  • Filters enable queries to be ammended via user input
    • Add any query element to the main query depending on a user condition
    • User input through HTML widgets
    • Symfony widgets can be wrapped
  • The report document is transformed for presentation with XSLT
  • Reports are aggregated into a single project XML file
  • Documents are validated with XSD schemas
  • Uses PDO as DB layer

    • Configuration can be pulled from Propel 1.2 or 1.3 using connection strategies
    • Doctrine support should be very easy
  • Symfony module for browsing and viewing reports

  • (almost) Complete reference manual

  • Unit Tested
  • Main library decoupled from Symfony

Getting Started

Execute the following task to create a skeleton project:

./symfony xml-reporter:init-project your_application_name


  • Jpgraph support