fcDbBackupPlugin - 0.1.0

This plugin adds a CLI task that performs automatic snapshots of your DB, and provides archiving capabilities.

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fcDbBackup plugin (for symfony 1.*)

The fcDbBackupPlugin adds a CLI task that performs as many snapshots as you like, stores them in a configurable directory with a clear and readable naming structure, and offers auto-archiving capabilities inspired by Apple Time Machine.


  • Install the plugin (via a package)

    symfony plugin:install fcDbBackupPlugin
  • Clear you cache (version prior to 1.3)

    symfony cc
  • Configure the path you want to store your backups in, and the path to your RDBMS executables (latter is optional)

        path: /your/backup/path/
        pathToExec: /Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/ # path to your RDBMS executable files (optional)

    Note: You can put or omit the ending slash, as the task is smart enough to deal with or without it. Also, it should also work with Windows-based paths.


Making a backup is as simple as calling the following task:

    symfony fc:dbBackup
  • This plugin is ORM-agnostic, so it works both for Propel or Doctrine

  • You can perform as many snapshot per day as you like. Each file name will be automatically incremented with their version.

  • At runtime, the cleaning feature is called. It preserves all backups from the current and the previous month. Before that:

    • the task automatically keeps the most recent weekly backups from all the backups created two months ago
    • only keeps the most recent backup from the backups saved three months ago.
  • By default, the current active database will be saved. You need to have a database configured in the file "database.yml" for the backup utility to work.

Warning: For the moment, only MySQL is supported. PgSql is coded but has not been tested, other RDBMS to come soon.

Call from outside

If you want to call it from an outside task, just call it that way:

    //-- Backup of the database
    $dbsafe = new fcDbBackupTask($this->dispatcher, $this->formatter);
    $dbsafe->run(array(), array());

Automated backups

It is recommended to make this backup a running task, using the crontab utility on Linux for instance.

    (after typing "crontab -e")
    50 * * * *  /path/to/php/php /path/to/symfony/project/symfony fc:dbBackup > /www/apache/logs/error_log

In this case the task will launched every hour, at *:50.


  • Make it compatible with more RDBMS

  • Automatic syncing with distant storage systems (like Amazon S3)

Side Note

Both the name of the plugin and its logo refer to FatCap, the website for which it was originally developed.