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FireSymfony - web debug toolbar for Firebug

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firesymfony plugin for symfony 1.0.x


This plugin extends the web debug toolbar to send the debug information as a JSON object to the FireSymfony Firebug extension.


cd my_project
php symfony plugin-install
php symfony cc 


Client Side:

  • Firefox - Only Works with the Firefox browser :)
  • Firebug - Of course you need Firebug.
  • FireSymfony - Also install the FireSymfony extension for Firefox.

Server Side: * the JSON extension for PHP is required to use this plugin. See: JSON extension


  • If you can provide feedback on the FireSymfony extension on the mozilla add-ons website, it will be moved as "public" soon. That means the users won't need to login to the mozilla website to download the extension.
  • At this time the plugin only shows information for the following tabs: Configuration & Request Variables, Logs & Messages, Memory Usage and Timers.
  • We are trying to provide support for all versions of symfony.


on symfony 1.0 do the following:

Edit the logging.yml file of your application and change the following entry:

  class: fsWebDebugLogger

Clear the cache.

on symfony 1.1 do the following:

web_debug_class: fsWebDebugForSf11

Clear the cache.

on symfony 1.2 do the following:

Edit the factories.yml file of your application and change the following entry:

web_debug_class: fsWebDebugForSf12

Clear the cache.

Next time you load the page, it will show the web debug information on the "syfmony" panel of Firebug.


For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE file that was distributed with this source code.