isicsSitemapXMLPlugin - 2.0.2

The isicsSitemapXMLPlugin provides an easy way to generate a sitemap.xml.

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isicsSitemapXMLPlugin plugin

The isicsSitemapXMLPlugin provides an easy way to generate a sitemap.xml.

Each module (from plugins or not) who implements the sitemapGenerator interface adds automatically its owns urls.


  • Quick to use (nothing to do if the module already implements the interface)
  • Cached (24h of lifetime by default)


The isicsSitemapXMLPlugin is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).


  • Install the plugin:

    $ symfony plugin:install isicsSitemapXMLPlugin
    $ symfony cc


Each module who has to add urls to sitemap.xml must listen to isicsSitemapXML.filter_urls event.

For instance, we take a news module.

In config.php, we declare the listener:

$this->dispatcher->connect('isicsSitemapXML.filter_urls', array('NewsTools', 'filterUrls'));

We add the listener:

 * Listens to the isicsSitemapXML.filter_urls event.
 * @param  sfEvent $event  An sfEvent instance
 * @param  array   $urls   An array of urls to filter
 * @return array   The filtered urls array
public static function filterUrls(sfEvent $event, $urls)
  foreach (NewsArticlePeer::getPublished() as $article)
    $urls[] = new sitemapURL('@news_article?slug='.$article->getSlug(), $article->getPublishUp('c'));
  return $urls;    

Note the 'c' value of getPublishUp() param to get an ISO 8601 date.

Enabled isicsSitemapXML module in your settings.yml:

    enabled_modules: [default, isicsSitemapXML]

You can now see your sitemap.xml in /sitemap.xml. Just enjoy!!

Add default urls

You can add default urls by 2 ways:

  1. Using configuration:

        modules:       [ news ]
            loc:        mymodule1/myaction1
            loc:        mymodule1/myaction2
            changefreq: never
            priority:   1
  2. Redifining addDefaultUrls() method:

    class isicsSitemapXMLActions extends BaseisicsSitemapXMLActions
      protected function addDefaultUrls()
        $this->urls[] = new sitemapURL('mymodule1/myaction1');
        $this->urls[] = new sitemapURL('mymodule1/myaction2', null, 'never', 1);


2009-05-19 | 2.0.2

  • Fixed README
  • Updated package.xml

2009-05-08 | 2.0.0

  • New version for Symfony 1.2 based on events

2008-09-11 | 0.9.1-beta

  • Update README to markdown (Gordon Franke)
  • Add cast for priority to float (Gordon Franke)
  • Avoid disabling short open tag (Gordon Franke)
  • Adding default urls support (idea from Gordon Franke)

2008-06-16 | 0.9.0-beta

  • Initial public release.