isicsWidgetFormTinyMCEPlugin - 1.0.1

The missing TinyMCE widget for sfForm.

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isicsWidgetFormTinyMCE plugin

You miss TinyMce since you've started using symfony 1.1? No matter, this widget is very easy to use and lets you a lot of flexibility.


  • First, download the last version of TinyMCE here: and place tiny_mce folder in your web/js directory.

  • Install the plugin

      symfony plugin-install
  • Clear your cache:

      symfony cache:clear


You can now use the new widget for building your form:

      'my_rich_text' => new isicsWidgetFormTinyMCE(array('tiny_options' => array('theme' => 'advanced')); ));

As you can see, isicsWidgetFormTinyMCE add the option tiny_options wich is an array off the Tiny Options (look at the TinyMCE wiki for help).

If you're using the sames options many times, why don't use an app setting? Edit your app.yml and add a tiny_mce_default param:

        theme: advanced

Your can define your own param too:

        theme: advanced
        theme_advanced_buttons1: 'bold, italic'

And in your PHP code:

      new isicsWidgetFormTinyMCE(array(
        'tiny_options' => sfConfig::get('app_tiny_mce_my_settings', array())