kdDoctrineGuardFacebookConnectPlugin - 0.0.1

Facebook Connect integration

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Facebook Connect for symfony and sfGuard

kdDoctrineGuardFacebookConnectPlugin provides an easy way to sign into a symfony 1 application using a Facebook account. kdDoctrineGuardFacebookConnectPlugin extends sfDoctrineGuardPlugin.


  • Install sfDoctrineGuardPlugin properly
  • Install kdDoctrineGuardFacebookConnectPlugin

    # Example using git git submodule add http://github.com/dunglas/kdDoctrineGuardFacebookConnectPlugin.git plugins/kdDoctrineGuardFacebookConnectPlugin

  • Create your Facebook application

  • Enable the plugin in the config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php file after sfGuardPlugin.

    class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration { public function setup() { $this->enablePlugins('sfDoctrinePlugin'); $this->enablePlugins('sfDoctrineGuardPlugin'); $this->enablePlugins('kdDoctrineGuardFacebookConnectPlugin'); } }

  • Edit app.yml to match your Facebook application settings

    all: facebook: appId: xxx # Your app id secret: xxx # Your app secret cookie: true # Use cookie script_lang: en_US # Connect button and JavaScript language

  • Edit filters.yml to add the FacebookConnect filter

    rendering: security:

    # Facebook Connect facebook: class: kdDoctrineGuardFacebookConnectFilter

    # Remember me remember_me: class: sfGuardRememberMeFilter

    # insert your own filters here

    cache: execution:

  • Enable the kdGuardAuthFacebookConnect module and set is a signin module in settings.yml

    all: .settings: # ... enabled_modules: [default, sfGuardAuth, kdGuardAuthFacebookConnect]

      login_module:           kdGuardAuthFacebookConnect
      login_action:           signin
  • Clear the cache with php symfony cc and enjoy!