kmFormExtraPlugin - 0.9.0

Mootools Datepicker widget, Validators

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The kmFormExtraPlugin packages useful validators, and widgets.


  • PEAR

    $ symfony plugin:install kmFormExtraPlugin
    $ symfony cache:clear
  • git

    $ git clone git:// plugins/kmFormExtraPlugin
    $ symfony cache:clear

Mootools Datepicker

This plugin provides kmWidgetFormMooToolsDate and kmWidgetFormMooToolsDateTime. It uses Mootools Datepicker for client-side datepicker widget.

kmWidgetFormMooToolsDateTime requires kmValidatorDateTimeCompact as validator.

  • installation

    $ git clone git:// plugins/kmFormExtraPlugin/web/mootools-datepicker        
    $ php symfony plugin:publish-assets
  • globally replace default date and datetime widgets

    class BaseForm extends sfFormSymfony
      public function setup()
        foreach($this as $name => $field)
          $widget = $field->getWidget(); 
          if($widget instanceof sfWidgetFormDate)
            $this->widgetSchema[$name] = new kmWidgetFormMooToolsDate();
          if($widget instanceof sfWidgetFormDateTime)
            $this->widgetSchema[$name] = new kmWidgetFormMooToolsDateTime();
            $this->validatorSchema[$name] = new kmValidatorDateTimeCompact(array('required' => false));
          if($widget instanceof sfWidgetFormFilterDate)
            $widget->setOption('from_date', new kmWidgetFormMooToolsDate());
            $widget->setOption('to_date', new kmWidgetFormMooToolsDate());
            $widget->setOption('template', '%from_date%%to_date%');
            $widget->setOption('with_empty', false);