laiguAdminThemePlugin - 0.5.1

Admin generator theme based on AJAX requests via ExtJs. You can create master-detail relations.

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laiguAdminTheme plugin


The laiguAdminThemePlugin package a new admin generator theme based on AJAX requests via ExtJs. You can use laiguAdminThemePlugin to create yours master-detail relations.

This plugin allows to change the default admin generator theme to one based on the ExtJs framework. This admin generator theme is only targeting the actual element of the admin generator (table, forms...), it does not modify your overall layout.


  • Master-detail.
  • History manager. Back and forward browser buttons are managed by plugin.
  • Change maximum rows per page.


Visit our site and live demo here. You can download live demo source in our site.


laiguAdminThemePlugin master-detail


  • Download and install the plugin

    ./symfony plugin:install laiguAdminThemePlugin --stability=beta
  • Clear the cache

    ./symfony cc
  • Publish the plugin's assets:

    ./symfony plugin:publish-assets


  • Enable the plugin laiguAdminThemePlugin on a project, via /config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php:

      class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration
        public function setup()
          $this->enablePlugins('sfDoctrinePlugin', 'laiguAdminThemePlugin');
  • Download and install Ext JS

    1. Download Ext JS
    2. Uncompress on js directory (ex: <my_project>/web/js/extjs/)
  • ExtJs related configuration (optional)

    You should change your ExtJs web dir inside your app.yml:

            web_dir_extjs:   /js/extjs # specify your folder where to pick ExtJs.

How to use it

  • Generate an admin generator:

    ./symfony --theme=laigu doctrine:generate-admin
  • Don't forget:

    ./symfony cc

That's it!.

Extra features configuration

This plugin add as well some new features that you can configure in your generator.yml. Currently available:

  • Master-detail: a parameter to link 1-n relations.
  • Filter collapsed: view filters collapsed in the list view

Master-detail parameter

        town: # detail name
          module: town # module name to link (you must created module previously using laiguAdminTheme, is not necessary to configure anymore)
          params: { state_id: getId } # parameters pass to detail module (first, detail parameter name; after, parent object method) (NOTE: MAY BE CHANGE IN THE FUTURE)

Filter collapsed parameter

    params: { collapsed: true }


  • Jordi Llonch ( jordi [at] laigu [dot] net ), []
  • Magí Carbonell ( mcarbonell [at] laigu [dot] net ), []


  • version 0.5.1: added change max rows per page
  • version 0.5.0: history manager (back/forward browser button are managed by plugin)
  • version 0.4.0: disable layout if is an ajax request bug on batch action on sf 1.2 bug on check all when are multiple details error message fired if an error HTTP status was returned from the server
  • version 0.3.0: bug on field links and filters (IMPORTANT: change in your generator.yml "class: sfDoctrineGenerator" for "class: laiguDoctrineGenerator"
  • version 0.2.2: created new method to redirect using ajax
  • version 0.2.1: bug on package.xml
  • version 0.2.0: bug on input submit with names
  • version 0.1.0: initial release


  • add new features integrating ExtJs widgets