laiguExtGridPlugin - 0.2.0

The laiguExtGridPlugin is a symfony plugin that provides an easy way to integrate Ext JS Grid.

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This plugin is deprecated and is not maintained anymore.
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laiguExtGrid plugin


The laiguExtGridPlugin is a symfony plugin that provides an easy way to integrate Ext JS Grid.

ExtJS Grid requests data using ExtJS JSON store transparently. laiguExtGridPlugin provides an easy way to connect our model with grid.

Furthermore all data showed in the grid can be printed or exported in CVS, Excel and PDF format.


  • Ajax JSON requests.
  • Remote paginating.
  • Remote sorting.
  • Doctrine/Propel support.
  • Print function report.
  • Exports CVS format.
  • Exports Excel format. (if phpExcel library is installed)
  • Exports PDF. (if sfDomPDFPlugin plugin is installed)


Visit our site and live demo here. You can download live demo source in our site.




Install plugin:

  $ symfony plugin-install


  • Enable the plugin laiguExtGridPlugin on a project, via /config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php:

      class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration
        public function setup()
          $this->enablePlugins('sfDoctrinePlugin', 'laiguExtGridPlugin');
          // for Propel (comment previous line and uncomment next line)
          //$this->enablePlugins('sfPropelPlugin', 'laiguExtGridPlugin');
  • Enable the plugin laiguExtGrid module on an application/environment base, via the enabled_modules setting of the settings.yml file.

    For instance, to enable the module for the frontend application, open the <my_project>/apps/frontend/config/settings.yml and add under the all key:

          enabled_modules: [default, laiguExtGrid]
  • Download and install Ext JS

    1. Download Ext JS
    2. Uncompress on js directory (ex: <my_project>/web/js/extjs/)
  • Configure css and javascript on your application:

    For the frontend application, open the <my_project>/apps/frontend/config/view.yml and add:

      stylesheets:    [main.css, /js/extjs/resources/css/ext-all.css]
      javascripts:    [extjs/adapter/ext/ext-base.js, extjs/ext-all.js]
  • Clear the cache

      $ symfony cc

How to use plugin?

Example test1 of our demo

  • Remember that you can download sources of a functional project at our site

In your action <my_project>/apps/frontend/modules/test1/actions/actions.class.php:

    public function executeIndex(sfWebRequest $request)
      // Grid
      $this->grid = new laiguExtGridDoctrine();
      // for Propel (comment previous line and uncomment next line)
      //$this->grid = new laiguExtGridPropel();
        "{name: 'zip', mapping: 'zip'}",
        "{name: 'town', mapping: 'town'}",
        "{name: 'state', mapping: 'state'}",
        "{name: 'country', mapping: 'country'}",
      $this->grid->setDefaultSort("town", "asc");
      $this->grid->setGridParameter("height", "400");
      $this->grid->setGridParameter("width", "600");
        array("header"=>"'Zip code'", "width"=>"80", "sortable"=>"true", "dataIndex"=>"'zip'"),
        array("header"=>"'Town'", "width"=>"300", "sortable"=>"true", "dataIndex"=>"'town'"),
        array("header"=>"'State'", "width"=>"80", "sortable"=>"true", "dataIndex"=>"'state'"),
        array("header"=>"'Country'", "width"=>"80", "sortable"=>"true", "dataIndex"=>"'country'"),
      $this->grid->setDoctrine("Town", "listJson");
      // for Propel (comment previous line and uncomment next line)
      //$this->grid->setPeerMethod("Town", "listJson");

In your action template <my_project>/apps/frontend/modules/test1/templates/indexSuccess.php:

    <div style="margin: 10px;">
    <?php echo $sf_data->getRaw("grid")->render() ?>
    <a href="#" onclick="<?php echo $grid->getJsLoadDataFunction() ?>(); return false;">Click here to load data</a>

Doctrine: In your model <my_project>/lib/model/doctrine/TownTable.class.php:

    public function listJson($params)
      $query = Doctrine_Query::create()->from('Town t');
      return laiguExtGridDoctrine::listJson($query, $params);

Propel: In your model <my_project>/lib/model/TownPeer.php:

    public static function listJson($params)
      $criteria = new Criteria();
      return laiguExtGridPropel::listJson($params, "Town", $criteria);

API documentation

You can found API documentation in the source files: /plugins/laiguExtGridPlugin/doc/api/index.html


  • Jordi Llonch ( jordi [at] laigu [dot] net ), []


  • Create more examples.


2010-02-09 | 0.2.0 Beta

  • Bug fixes.
  • Propel support.

2010-01-25 | 0.1.0 Beta

  • First public release.