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Easy CMS system

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lfCMSPlugin v 0.9.6 [beta]

All description (tuturial and install) on http://lfcms.sarzynski.biz


  • Free for commercial use
  • Free for non-commercial use, too ;)


Objectives of the program: ease of use. The program is based on biological vacuoles, which are the fundamental element of the system, can store any form and content (as text, photo, or the main menu CMS).

Editing pages is very simple - after logging in to the admin panel click on the desired item for example, add content and save. The effect occurs immediately, without unnecessary reloads, simplicity and functionality.

True real-time system !

Basic advantages:

  • Add, edit, delete and move web pages
  • Address your pages retain a tree hierarchies http://your-domain.com/tree/branch/leaves/etc/ (assist in the positioning of pages)
  • Support for SEO apart from the hierarchy tree the ability to edit meta tags
  • Available vacuoles:
    • Text (plain text without html tags)
    • HTML - html commands interpreted
    • Element of CMS - Tthe possibility of placing the user at any location on the page,
      • Main menu
      • Page title
      • Page path
      • Page submenu
      • Whole site menu
      • Whole site menu whit culture
      • Culture change
      • Login panel
    • HTML Editor - TinyMceBridge TinyMCE has file upload !
    • Slideshow - jQuery Cycle Plugin inside
    • Slideshow - jQuery Nivo Plugin inside
    • Fancybox - jQuery Fancybox Gallery

Any number of language versions of your page can be written in several languages at once!


Installation as in each plugin. Or dowlnolad everything in one lfCMS Full (lfCMS, jQuery, TinyMceJQuery, jQuery Cycle Plugin, jQuery Nivo Plugin, JQuery Fancybox Gallery, sfGuard, configuration caPropelTree, sfMediaBrowser, sfImageTransformPlugin, sql start data and symfony 1.4 in one pack)


Slideshow Slideshow New Admin Panel on JQuery UI CMS File Manager on Admin Panel file manager sfMediaBrowser thumbnail creation by sfImageTransform TinyMCE has file upload ! TinyMce page preview page edit multi page edit login panel error 404


  • long way.. [is just the beginning]

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