lyMediaManagerPlugin - 0.6.1

A media manager plugin for Doctrine

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Changelog for release 0.6.1 - 21/12/2010

  • mgiagnoni: Added 'folder list' view
  • mgiagnoni: Made some layout changes to 'asset list' view

Other releases

Release 0.6.1 - 21/12/2010

  • mgiagnoni: Added 'folder list' view
  • mgiagnoni: Made some layout changes to 'asset list' view

Release 0.6.0 - 05/11/2010

  • mgiagnoni: Made root folder not editable from web interface
  • mgiagnoni: Added a check to prevent the creation of a regular folder with the same name of thumbnails folders
  • mgiagnoni: Added thumbnail creation for PDF files and graphic formats supported by ImageMagick
  • mgiagnoni: Added support for FCKEditor
  • mgiagnoni: Added link to hide/show folder menu in icons view.
  • mgiagnoni: Minor fixes / optimizations

Release 0.5.6 - 19/10/2010

  • mgiagnoni: Created more unit tests
  • vjousse: Added support for optional i18n behavior in schema
  • mgiagnoni: Added new task 'generate-thumbs'
  • mgiagnoni: Added a batch action to (re)generate thumbnails for selected assets
  • mgiagnoni: Added a download asset action

Release 0.5.5 - 27/09/2010

  • mgiagnoni: Made small changes to default list view
  • mgiagnoni: Updated README with instruction on how to customize list view layout
  • mgiagnoni: Improved error checking on asset/folder creating, moving, renaming, deleting operations
  • mgiagnoni: Moved many function from lyMediaTools class to model classes
  • mgiagnoni: Fixed wrong rounding to integer of asset file size value (thanks Jakub)

Release 0.5.4 - 24/08/2010

  • mgiagnoni: Refactored lyMediaFolder, lyMediaAsset and added some unit tests
  • mgiagnoni: Added a few icons for common mime-types
  • mgiagnoni: Fixed undefined variable error when filters are disabled in lyMediaAsset module (thanks Jeremie)

Release 0.5.3 - 02/08/2010

  • mgiagnoni: Fixed redirection urls for file upload and folder creation actions in file browser popup
  • mgiagnoni: Added a file to configure TinyMCE with an external Javascript
  • mgiagnoni: Updated README with instructions on how to configure the plugin to act as TinyMCE file browser.
  • mgiagnoni: Created helper thumbnail_image_path
  • mgiagnoni: Fixed wrong path of images inserted from TinyMCE file browser when front controller is not located in Document Root
  • mgiagnoni: Changed sfWidgetFormLyMediaTinyMCE to automatically include TinyMCE related javascript files
  • mgiagnoni: Auto-rename of uploaded file when another file with the same name exists in folder
  • mgiagnoni: Added dedicated layout for file browser popup used by TinyMCE
  • mgiagnoni: Added number of files / folders counters in icons view

Release 0.5.2 - 20/07/2010

  • mgiagnoni: Created forms to add a folder / upload file from icons view
  • mgiagnoni: Fix: existence of media root directory is now checked in controller

Release 0.5.1 - 10/07/2010

  • mgiagnoni: Made asset list (icons view) sortable by name or date
  • mgiagnoni: Added paging to asset list (icons view)
  • mgiagnoni: Refactored class lyMediaFolder
  • mgiagnoni: Added task synchronize

Release 0.5.0 - 28/06/2010

  • mgiagnoni: initial release