majaxDoctrineMediaPlugin - 0.7.0

A system to enable easy management of photos, videos, and audio clips within Symfony

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This is the first working edition of my media plugin for symfony.

There a few things to know:

  1. This module relies on majaxJqueryPlugin (or an equal plugin that provides up-to-date jquery)
  2. This module relies on sfImageTransformPlugin for it's photo management.
  3. This module relies on majaxMarkdownPlugin
  4. This module relies on sfCKEditorPlugin
  5. If you use it on a commercial site, you will need a commercial license of JWPlayer, or another player.

Now on to the good stuff:

Set your path to FFMPEG:

In your config/app.yml:

# ... snip ...
    ffmpeg_path: /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg

Enable the modules in your settings.yml:


Then when you browse to

/your_app.php/photos [or]
/your_app.php/videos [or]

You will see management panes set up.

To be able to tie a media item to your object you will need to follow a couple steps:

1. Update your schema:

# ... snip ...
    media_id: { type: integer }
# ... snip ...
      local: media_id
      class: majaxMediaRegistryEntry
      onDelete: SET NULL

Rebuild your db and model classes.

2. Your Form

Now in your lib/form/doctrine/YourObjectForm.class.php

class YourObjectForm extends BaseYourObjectForm
  public function configure()
    // ... snip ...
    $this->setWidget('media_id', new majaxMediaWidgetFormMedia());

You will then see a field which will let you bring up a popup window that will show you the latest media items you have uploaded.

3. Your View

Now, for the best part, using this.

In your view:

<?php use_helper('majaxMedia'); ?>

<?php echo majaxMedia($your_object->MediaItem)->width(400)->aspect_ratio('16:9')->crop_method('center'); ?>


<?php $media = majaxMedia($your_object->MediaItem)->width(400)->aspect_ratio('16:9'); ?>
<?php echo $media->crop_method('fit'); ?>
<?php echo $media->crop_method('center'); ?>
<?php echo $media->aspect_ratio('4:3'); ?>

It automatically picks up if it needs to show a player for video/audio content, and adds in extra height to compensate for the lack of a control bar on photos.

Custom Renderers

If you don't like how something is displayed... change it!

Look at lib/render/majaxMediaRender.class.php

Build your own class, then simply set your renderer in it's place...

sfConfig::set('app_majaxMedia_video_render', 'myVideoRender');


Finish the plugin nature of things by allowing the gallery renderer to also control the output from the gallery module...