mtAlertPlugin - 1.0.3

Alerts plugin.

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mtAlertPlugin 1.0.3stable for sf 1.3sf 1.2 and Propel MIT
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Alerts plugin.

The mtAlertPlugin is a plugin designed to show non-obstrusive themable alerts to the users of an application.

The alerts will be shown when certain 'condition' evaluates to true, only to the users that needs to see it or to the users who have a certain credential. This is configured per alert.

The plugin is also able to send alerts via mail. It provides a task that, if the plugin is configured correctly, sends the alerts automatically to the users. It uses the 'dcMailerPlugin' for this which is quite easy to use and can be configured via a nice Web interface.

The mtAlertPlugin lets you create alerts via a simple web interface... and a little programming of course.


Name Status Email
gravatar José Nahuel CUESTA LUENGO lead ra.ude.plnu.ipsec <<ta>> atseucn
gravatar Matías Alejandro TORRES lead moc.liamg <<ta>> tamserrot


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