nahoPropelOptimizerPlugin - 0.0.2

Applies optimizations and bugfixes to the Propel generated classe

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nahoPropelOptimizerPlugin plugin

This nahoPropelOptimizerPlugin plugin fixes a few defects (not to say "bugs") in Propel model generation, that are not yet handled by Symfony builder wrapping.


  • Install the plugin

      symfony plugin-install

    Like any other plugin, you can either extract one of the attached archives, or use Subversion.

  • Edit config/propel.ini and find the following lines :

      ; builder settings
      propel.builder.peer.class              = addon.propel.builder.SfPeerBuilder
      propel.builder.object.class            = addon.propel.builder.SfObjectBuilder
      propel.builder.objectstub.class        = addon.propel.builder.SfExtensionObjectBuilder
      propel.builder.peerstub.class          = addon.propel.builder.SfExtensionPeerBuilder
      propel.builder.objectmultiextend.class = addon.propel.builder.SfMultiExtendObjectBuilder
      propel.builder.mapbuilder.class        = addon.propel.builder.SfMapBuilderBuilder

    And replace addon.propel.builder.Sf with plugins.nahoPropelOptimizerPlugin.lib.SfOptimized :

      ; builder settings
      propel.builder.peer.class              = plugins.nahoPropelOptimizerPlugin.lib.SfOptimizedPeerBuilder
      propel.builder.object.class            = plugins.nahoPropelOptimizerPlugin.lib.SfOptimizedObjectBuilder
      propel.builder.objectstub.class        = plugins.nahoPropelOptimizerPlugin.lib.SfOptimizedExtensionObjectBuilder
      propel.builder.peerstub.class          = plugins.nahoPropelOptimizerPlugin.lib.SfOptimizedExtensionPeerBuilder
      propel.builder.objectmultiextend.class = plugins.nahoPropelOptimizerPlugin.lib.SfOptimizedMultiExtendObjectBuilder
      propel.builder.mapbuilder.class        = plugins.nahoPropelOptimizerPlugin.lib.SfOptimizedMapBuilderBuilder
  • Rebuild your model :

      $ symfony propel-build-model
      $ symfony cc

Your model classes have been regenerated with all the supported optimizations. You're ready to go !

Default behavior is enabling all supported optimizations, see the "Configuration" section to disable some of them if you want.


This section lists all the changes made by this custom builder.

Includes overhead (defect)

Default behavior does not remove all the useless calls to "include_once" made by Propel (it removes some of them, but not all). They are useless as the autoloader already takes care of this, and they add a little useless overhead.

nahoPropelOptimizer removes all these calls in Peer and MapBuilder classes.

Explicit joins (bug)

With the default builder, Peer classes join with an implicit JOIN. PostPeer::doSelectJoinAuthor will execute this query :

  SELECT * FROM post, author WHERE post.author_id = AND ...

Which is equivalent to :

  SELECT * FROM post INNER JOIN author ON (post.author_id = WHERE ...

This behavior makes the doSelectJoinXXX methods unreliable if you expected to be sure to have the same results with or without the join (if you had a not required foreign key, this implicit inner join will just drop the lines where this key was NULL).

nahoPropelOptimizer forces Propel to use real explicit joins, and checks if the foreign key is required or not to make a LEFT JOIN or an INNER JOIN.

Due to a still partial support of those joins in Propel, the related object is always hydrated, but when the foreign key was NULL it's hydrated with NULL values... But the next optimization is here to fix that ;)

LEFT JOINS and related objects hydrated with NULL values (defect)

When you make a LEFT JOIN, Propel always hydrates the related object, even if there is no related object !

If there is no related object, you will get corrupted results.

Let's see this schema, where a user can have a group, but it's not required :

    id: ~
    name: { type: varchar(128), index: unique }
    id: ~
    login: { type: varchar(128), index: unique }
    group_id: { type: integer, foreignTable: t_group, foreignReference: id, required: false }


    // Retrieve the user, joined with group, with explicit joins optimization activated
    // We will retrieve the user with ID = $id, and we know this user has no related group

    $criteria = new Criteria;
    $criteria->add(TUser::ID, $id);

    $users = TUserPeer::doSelectJoinTGroup($criteria);
    // Executed query : SELECT * FROM t_user JOIN t_group ON (t_user.group_id = WHERE = $id

    $user = $users[0];

    $group = $user->getGroup();
    // Default behavior : $group is an instance of TGroup, and all its fields are NULL
    // Fixed behavior   : $group is NULL

With this optimization, you will not retreive corrupted objects, when the object does not exist, you get NULL as you would expect it to be.

Calls to Propel::import (bug)

This bug makes the overriding of plugins' model totally impossible, and adds a little overhead just like includes.

If a plugin has a bundled schema with a package attribute different than "lib.model", because of this bug you will not be able to customize the model without touching the files directly located in the plugin's directory.

This is caused by useless calls to Propel::import(). This optimization just removes all of them : they are fully useless as the autoloader handles the loading of model classes very better.


All optimizations are activated when you don't specify anything.

To disable an optimization, just add the corresponding option to your config/propel.ini :

  ; Disable optimization "Includes overhead"
  propel.builder.addIncludes = true

  ; Disable optimization "Explicit joins"
  propel.builder.implicitJoins = true

  ; Disable optimization "LEFT JOINS and related objects hydrated with NULL values"
  propel.builder.hydrateNULLs = true

  ; Disable optimization "Calls to Propel::import"
  propel.builder.addPropelImports = true