nahoSecurityPlugin - 0.1.0

Simple module/action ACL plugin.

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nahoSecurity plugin

This plugin is the first step of a larger project of ACL in Symfony, coupled with sfGuardUser, which will offer a full interface to define access by application/module/action.

The current release allows you to automatically add a dynamic credential to your actions and modules.

Once the plugin enabled, you just have to set "is_secure" to on in your application's security.yml, and each module/action will require the credential "application.module.action".


  • Install the plugin

    $ symfony plugin-install
  • Clear you cache

    $ symfony cc
  • Change the security filter class in filters.yml :

      class: nahoSecurityFilter 

    Whenever you have already changed this value (for example, if you use sfGuardPlugin, branch 1.0, with the rememberMe feature enabled), see "Configuration" section below.


See plugin's app.yml to get default configuration with comments :

    # Set this to off to disable automatic credentials based on "auto_credential_format" option.
    auto_credential: on
    # Format of the automatic added credential : you can use %application%, %module% and %action% in this string
      application: "%application%"
      module:      "%application%.%module%"
      action:      "%application%.%module%.%action%"
    # Related to auto_credential : allows to affect "negative credentials" to the user.
    # Example : I have "frontend.example" and "!frontend.example.something" credentials, 
    # then I'll be able to access to all the "example" module's actions, except "something".
    auto_credential_negate: "!"
    # nahoSecurityFilter supports "dynamic inheritance", change this value to make it extend another class than the usual sfBasicSecurityFilter
    # For example, if you use sfGuardPlugin with "remember me" filter, set this option to "sfGuardBasicSecurityFilter"
    filter_base_class: "sfBasicSecurityFilter"
  • To disable the plugin's default behavior (automatically require "application.module.action" in each action), set app_nahoSecurityPlugin_auto_credentials to off

  • Format of the automatic credentials can be customized per-level : define app_nahoSecurityPlugin_auto_credential_format formats for each level : application, module, and action.

    In these formats, you can use keywords that will be replaced by the current element's name :

    • %application% will be replaced by current application's name

    • %module% will be replaced by current module's name

    • %action% will be replaced by current action's name

  • The auto_credential_negate option defines the prefix that marks a credential as negative. Note that it cannot be stacked : !permission will cancel permission, but !!permission will not cancel !permission.

  • If you already had a customized class for filter security, you just have to set filter_base_class to this value. This way, nahoSecurityFilter will extend the given class (what I call "dynamic inheritance"), and simply allow you to use both features.


  • nice grid/interface to define users' accesses.