okiFormPlugin - 1.0.4

Apostrophe's slot type for forms

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This plugin provide new slot type to Apostrophe. It is simple tool which can be used to build forms in very easy way.


  1. Supports 3 different types of form widgets: input['text'], textarea, select
  2. Configurable options via slot edit form:
    • E-mail recipient
    • E-mail subject
    • Error message
    • Success message
    • Adding form fields

Installation & Configuration

  1. Download the plugin and extract to the plugins directory of your project.

  2. Enabled the plugin in ProjectConfiguration.class.php. Add 'okiFormPlugin' to $this->enablePlugins

  3. Enabled the slot in apps\frontend\config\app.yml. Add okiForm: Form to slot_types

  4. Enable the slot module in apps\frontend\config\settings.yml. Add okiFormSlot to enabled_modules

  5. Add okiForm slot to templates apps\frontend\modules\a\templates\defaultTemplate.php and apps\frontend\modules\a\templates\homeTemplate.php. Add 'okiForm' to allowed_types of body and sidebar areas

  6. Finally, ./symfony cc

./symfony doctrine:build --all-classes

Using the Plugin

Use the slot just as how you would use other built-in Apostrophe slots.


v1.0.x Initial Release


(c) 2011 Marcin Wiercioch Okinet Interactive Group (okinet.pl)