omCrossAppUrlPlugin - 1.0.2

Simple helper to get cross app urls.

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This plugin aims to simply resolve the problem of doing cross app links for Symfony 1.2.

It's done using the symfony core classes and some context switch, so you can really use the routing defined in each application.


This plugin provide an helper you can simply use as decribed in the book. For now just the url_for copycat is available : cross_app_url_for

function cross_app_url_for($appname, $url, $absolute = 'false', $env = null, $debug = 'false')

Options are self-explanatory. $url is an internal uri as specified in the routing.ym off the $app application.


  • investigate to check the overhead of the function
  • try catch the context creation
  • dig more to find the adequat main controler (instead of lauching an exeception)



  • initial realease - cross_app_url_for function

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