phantomQunitPlugin - 1.0.1

Run Javascript Qunit tests from a CI server or the command line!

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After installing, make sure to run the phantomQunit:init task. This will create a phantomqunit directory in your tests directory where you can save all of your javascript tests. It will also write the paths to your project root and the directory where your tests are stored in the test runner javascript files.

You must run phantomQunit:init everytime your project root changes or you change the location of your javascript tests. In other words, you'll probably have to run it each time you do a Hudson build, etc.


  • (PhantomJS)[http://] - I've had trouble with v1.1. v1.0 seems to work fine though.
  • Xvfb - if you plan to run the plugin on a machine without X (i.e. a CI server)


There's really not much to configure, however you can change the location of your js tests by editing phantomQunit.yml in the plugin's config directory.

Loading JS files in your Qunit tests

There is an object called phantomQunitUtils that you can access from your Qunit tests. phantomQunitUtils gives you:

  • ROOT_DIR - the path to the root directory of your project
  • TEST_DIR - the path to the directory where your javascript tests are stored
  • load - a function which will load javascript files for you on the fly


To run all javascript tests:

./symfony phantomQunit:run

To run a specific javascript test (e.g. a test suite at test/phantomqunit/moduleName/testA.js)

./symfony phantomQunit:run moduleName/testA

To generate a JUnit xml:

./symfony phantomQunit:run --xml=log/qunit_tests.xml

Notes for running on Hudson

  • Make sure to run export DISPLAY=:0 before running your qunit tests on a machine with no X but with xvfb installed. (This should be run on every hudson build.)

  • You may have to make hudson an xuser if it tells you it can't find a display at :0 - xhost +local:hudson