pkSimpleBacktracePlugin - 0.6.0

Prints collapsible stack traces as part of your page

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pkSimpleBacktracePlugin prints out a backtrace of function calls at the current point in your code's execution. The backtrace is displayed when you click on a JavaScript link in your page. The trace can also be collapsed again. This makes debugging a bit more pleasant.


To output the trace at the current point in the page:


To return the trace as a string, which is useful if you're building a larger string in a helper:


Both functions return the trace decorated with handy open and close links as described above.

To do the same, but with plaintext output instead of DHTML:

pkSimpleBacktracePlugin::printTrace(); pkSimpleBacktracePlugin::printTraceText();


Tom Boutell, P'unk Avenue LLC,

Released under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.