pmHighslideJSPlugin - 1.0.0

pmHighslideJSPlugin is a wrapper for Highslide JS:

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pmHighslideJSPlugin is a wrapper for Highslide JS:


  • Installation from pear

      symfony plugin:install pmHighslideJSPlugin
  • Installation from svn repository

      svn export
  • Use the helper:

       "hello world!", "caption" => "hello world!")) ?>
  • Helper functions:

      highslide($image_url, $thumb, $options = array())
      highslide_html($id, $content, $thumb, $options = array())
      highslide_ajax($url, $thumb, $options = array())
      highslide_iframe($url, $thumb, $options = array())
      highslide_flash($url, $thumb, $options = array())

    More information about how to use it, can be found in the helper documentation.

  • Parameters Parameters can be passed through the options array, such as:

    • lang (language)
    • css (stylesheet to be used)
    • js (additional javascript)
    • outline (outline to be used)
    • heading (heading text)
    • caption (caption text)
    • width
    • height