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Plugin Information Installation
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The process consists of the following steps:

Step 1 consists in generating the XML bsaed raw data for the report. RawXMLData

Step 2 consists in merging this raw data with a XSL-FO template to give it the presentation information. XSL-FO acts as an intermediate language used to render the final reportin any format with a last transformation. XSL-FO

Step 3 consists on rendering the XSL-FO representtion (the intermediate language) of the report to the desired output fromat. FinalReport

To help the report developer to generate the XSLFO representation of the report I found Word2FO stylesheets from RenderX very useful, but they generated a static XSLFO with the look and feel of the original wordML document. I hacked it so it generate a XSLT stylesheet that consumes a data XML, this stylesheet is used in the report generation process. With this generated XSLT, hand work is reduced to thee minimum. But Word2FO is not bundled, you need to download it and apply the patch located along with the tutorial in: Docs

Here is an Ilustration of the process. Process Ilustration