scSvnManagementPlugin - 0.1.0

Svn Management Plugin.

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SVN Manager Plugin

Provides an Web-Interface for your SVN-Repository, allow you to view, update and revert your repositorys directly via Web-Browser. This Plugin is Version 0.1 alpha and in very early stage of development and should not be used in production envirements.

If you encounter any problems please report the bugs. We would also appreciate patches.

Notice: Testet only with svn version 1.4.4


  1. Install plugin $ symfony plugin:install scSvnManagementPlugin
  2. If necessary enable plugin $this->enablePlugins(array('scSvnManagementPlugin'));
  3. enable module in settings.yml enabled_modules: [default, scSvnManagementUI]
  4. change plugins/scSvnManagementPlugin/config/svn.yml
    • workingCopyPath: path to your SVN working copy. Default it's set to your symfony-project root
    • logPath: path to store log-files. Default it's set to plugins/scSvnManagementPlugin/log Be sure you have write permisson to this directory
    • username: name of SVN user
    • password: password of SVN user
  5. clear symfony cache $ symfony cc
  6. make sure you prevent apache from exporting .svn directories. Add this to your httpd.conf: <DirectoryMatch "^/.*/\.svn/"> Order deny,allow Deny from all </DirectoryMatch>


Copyright 2009 by Schwarz Computer Systeme GmbH


Stefan Englmann

Matthias Krauser