sdInteractiveChartPlugin - 0.1.2

Amazing Charts using Google's Visualization API

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Changelog for release 0.1.2 - 01/09/2010


Other releases

Release 0.5.0 - 27/07/2011

  • Added new class to allow the Scatter Charts (ScatterGraph PHP Class)

  • Added new methods to the base class to allow direct access to new methods in Google's API

    *-- setAxisTitlesPosition

    *-- setTitlePosition

  • Modified formatData function in the base class to work with the scatter chart

Release 0.4.2 - 21/07/2011

Added Joep Brunsveld suggestion and code to allow access to the setFormattedValue function in the Google API see:

Accessible either by using an array with string keys ('value', 'formatted_value') or using a simple array with numerical keys and setting item 0 to the 'value' and 1 to the 'formatted_value'

Release 0.4.1 - 15/05/2011

  • Fixed bug with the detection of https
  • Improved naming of JS chart data functions
  • Minor refactoring of BaseChart code.

Release 0.4.0 - 18/02/2011

  • New Chart Type: Added annotated time line
  • Improved automated adding of JS dependancies
  • Added general setOption function to be used to set options on the charts when a dedicated function does not exist.

Release 0.3.0 - 09/11/2010

  • Bug Fix: Now deals correctly with sfOutputEscaperArrayDecorator objects.
  • Added support for loading JS via https automatically

Release 0.2.0 - 10/09/2010

  • Bug Fix: setting colors using CSS color names now works properly.
  • Added more of the charts config options to each type of chart.
  • Refactored code.
  • Returns the chart index as well as the chart creation object to any callback fucntion

Release 0.1.2 - 01/09/2010