sfAdvancedAdminGeneratorPlugin - 0.2.1

Advanced Admin Generator for symfony

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sfAdvancedAdminGenerator plug-in

The sfAdvancedAdminGenerator provide advanced functionalities for admin generator.

  • Distinct configurations between create and edit action

  • Add a 'show' action that provide a view for the object (no edit)

  • Change the action for the hyperlink on the list


  • Install the plug-in

      symfony plugin-install http://plugins.symfony-project.com/sfAdvancedAdminGeneratorPlugin
  • change the generator in your generator.yml

    generator: class: sfAdvancedAdminGenerator param: model_class: Book theme: default

      click_action: show ## Change the default hyperlink
      multisort: true ## Enabling the multisort
      sort:  [desc], [title, asc], [authorlastname, asc]]([authorname,) #Default sort
        _show: ## Show the object (no edit)
          name:                  'Author Name'
          join_fields:           [AuthorPeer::ID](BookPeer::AUTHOR_ID,)
          sort_column:           [AuthorPeer::NAME]
          name:                  'Author Last Name'
          sort_column:           [AuthorPeer::LAST_NAME]
      title: Edit a book
      display: [title](author_id,)
        author_id: {params: disabled=true} ## Can't edit the author of an existing book
      title: Create a new book
        _save_and_add: ## allow to add an other book after a creatio
      title: View a book
      display: [title](author_id,)
  • Clear the cache

      symfony cc
  • You're done.

Compatibility with default symfony generator

If no 'create' section is present in your configuration, the generator act exactly like the default generator (create action use edit configuration)

If no 'click_action' option is present in 'list' section, the hyperlink link to edit action


The configuration for the 'create' and 'show' sections are the same that the symfony default admin generator.

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Bugs or features requests

Please, submit any bugs or features requests on the forum


2007-10-16 | 0.1.0

  • romain: plug-in added to symfony

2007-10-23 | 0.1.1

  • romain: add 'show' action
  • romain: add 'click_action' in the 'list' section

2007-10-29 | 0.1.2

  • romain: BugFix : Missing !ShowSuccess.php file in the package

2007-11-16 | 0.1.3

  • romain: BugFix : Handle failed form validation with create
  • romain: Feature : Add flash notice on list action

    === 2008-03-03 | 0.1.4 ===

  • shouze: BugFix : minor typo correction in _list_td_tabular.php

  • shouze: Feature : object_input_auto_complete_tag() added, input auto completion for objects
  • shouze: Feature : object_select_map_tag() added, sort of mapping of enum type fields

    === 2008-03-06 | 0.1.5 ===

  • Dannyrulez: Feature : multi-sort list added, http://trac.symfony-project.com/ticket/2092 (Credits to Leon.van.der.Ree)

    === 2008-05-03 | 0.1.6 ===

  • h0nIg: BugFix : not needed in _show_actions.php

  • h0nIg: BugFix : fixed broken package.xml
  • h0nIg: BugFix : fixed tgz format (1.5 is not .tgz!)

    === 2008-05-03 | 0.2.0 ===

  • h0nIg: BugFix : not needed in _show_actions.php

  • h0nIg: Feature : added 1.1.0 support

    === 2008-05-04 | 0.2.1 ===

  • h0nIg: BugFix : removed delete action in create

  • h0nIg: BugFix : fixed remove multisort column