sfAntiBruteForcePlugin - 0.1

The sfAntiBruteForcePlugin helps you securing your web application against brute force attacks.

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sfAntiBruteForcePlugin plugin

The sfAntiBruteForcePlugin helps you securing your web application against brute force attacks.


To prevent brute force attacks, we need to count the fail attempts for a given user. To do so, you can count the failed authentication for a given username. If the defined threshold is reached for the current day, you can forbid him to login. Or even better, you can add a CAPTCHA on the login form. Feel free to do what you prefer.


The sfAntiBruteForcePlugin proposes a management class with 2 static methods. They allow to count authentication attempts, and to know if a user has reached his attempts threshold. Here is how to use it.

This code takes place in the action that handles the login process.

public function executeLogin(sfWebRequest $request)
  $this->form = new LoginForm();
  if ($request->isMethod('post'))
    // retrieve the given username
    $taintedValues = $this->form->getTaintedValues();
    // check that he hasn't already reached the threshold
    if (!sfAntiBruteForceManager::canTryAuthentication($taintedValues['username']))
      // go away hacker!
    if ($this->form->isValid())
      // authenticate user and redirect
      // on failed authentication, increase counter for this user

You can customize the number of failed authentication threshold in your app.yml file:

    threshold:        20 # 20 failed attempts per day

Current limitations

Counters are stored in files, in the cache directory. There's 1 file per user. Those files are cleaned every day. I will probably implement a way to paremeter the plugin to store the counters in a database.

Attempts are counted per day. There's currently no way to paremeter the plugin to count it per hour, or anything else.



2010-12-13 | 0.1 Beta

  • gregoire_m: first beta: basic functionnalities with file storage