sfApplicationMapPlugin - 1.2.3

Generates application-module-action map images

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Provides you with a task generating images of appliaction-module-action structure of the project using the graphviz tool.


Install the plugin via the subversion repository by executing the following command from the project root directory:

$ svn co http://svn.symfony-project.com/plugins/sfApplicationMapPlugin/branches/1.4 plugins/sfApplicationMapPlugin

or by using the default symfony plugin install command:

$ ./symfony plugin:install sfApplicationMapPlugin


After you have created your applications, modules and actions, simply type the following command:

$ ./symfony project:application-map

which creates the doc/graph directory and few files inside it:

  • project.dot, APP_NAME.dot - source graphviz files used for image files generating, project file defines the entire project, whereas each APP_NAME stands for name of each application.

and alternative images of application map:

  • project.dot.png, APP_NAME.dot.png : images created by dot command
  • project.neato.png, APP_NAME.neato.png : images created by neato command
  • project.twopi.png, APP_NAME.twopi.png : images created by twopi command
  • project.circo.png, APP_NAME.circo.png : images created by circo command
  • project.fdp.png, APP_NAME.fdp.png : images created by fdp command

All possible GraphViz modes are used so that you can just choose which image is the most readable for you.


All visual settings of the images can be set in the config/map.ini file of the plugin. Example settings look like the following:

app_shape           = doublecircle
app_style           = filled
app_fillcolor       = goldenrod2

You can find all properties properly interpreted by GraphViz in its documentation, such as colors or shapes.

Important notes

  • All actions in actions.class.php or components.class.php must be documented for the plugin to parse them. Use the default action skeleton documentation block provided with symfony.

Application map examples

dot example

Example dot application map

fdp example

Example fdp application map

dot example with components

Example dot application map with components

fdp example with components

Example fdp application map with components

dot example of medium-size project

Example dot medium-size project application map click to enlarge

circo example of medium-size project

Example circo medium-size project application map click to enlarge

fdp backend application map

Example backend fdp application map click to enlarge

circo frontend application map

Example frontend circo application map click to enlarge


  • You must have GraphViz installed on your system.


  • coming soon: support for plugin modules

  • thanks for all comments, suggestions and bug reports, they help a lot! Feel free to write me.