sfCacheTaggingPlugin - 1.4.4

Cache tagging plugin compatible with any cache backends

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Changelog for release 1.4.4 - 09/06/2010

  • ilya: [fixed] resolved conflict with SoftDelete build-in Doctrine behavior
  • ilya: [fixed] by saving not modified object, version was updated
  • ilya: [added] new unit/functional tests

Other releases

Release 4.4.0 - 30/12/2012

  • [Handling cache tags rollback/commit inside Doctrine transactions GH-18
  • [added] New two app.yml settings to customize collection and object tag names
  • [updated] API partially changed
  • [updated] README
  • [fixed] Along the way fixed more than one minor bug and IMHO one major bug
  • [fixed] Almost all tests were fixed because they used Doctrine transaction to keep test fixtures unchanged

Release 4.3.0 - 16/12/2012

  • [fixed] When SoftDelete installed after Cachetaggable (actAs section), preDqlDelete forces to update already softly deleted records (thanks to Paul Moore)
  • [added] New approach to append custom parameter(-s) to the cache key only for authenticated users
  • [added] more coverage tests

Release 4.2.2 - 05/02/2012

  • ilya: [fixed] Minor fix to obtainCollectionVersion (thanks paulkmoore)
  • ilya: [updated] Renewed copyright years

Release 4.2.1 - 06/12/2011

  • ilya: [updated] README removed unnecessary block

Release 4.2.0 - 06/12/2011

  • ilya: [fixed] Attaching unsaved record to cache block cause the error
  • ilya: [added] Added custom HTTP request class and custom filter to differ cache blocks between authenticated users
  • ilya: [updated] README - added notes how to keep different cache to each authenticated user

Release 4.1.1 - 20/10/2011

  • ilya: [Test environment files removed from package. All tests available only from GIT repository. GH-15
  • ilya: [updated] README

Release 4.1.0 - 03/09/2011

  • ilya: [NestedSet behavior support GH-14
  • ilya: [updated] README

Release 4.0.0 - 10/04/2011

  • ilya: [added] Option invalidateCollectionVersionByChangingColumns to setup Cachetaggable behavior
  • ilya: [added] Cascading tag deletion through the model relations
  • ilya: [added] Doctrine_Record::link and Doctrine_Record::unlink updates refTable's tags
  • ilya: [updated] README
  • ilya: [updated] new API
  • ilya: [fixed] skipOnChange did not work properly

Release 3.1.0 - 20/02/2011

  • ilya: [added] New option for behavior setup invalidateCollectionVersionOnUpdate
  • ilya: [changed] Doctrine_Record::getTags() by default return only one self tag (thanks Roman Grigorov)
  • ilya: [changed] getTags() by default returns all tags recursively and getTags(false) NOT recursively
  • ilya: [fixed] Removed custom object for storing data and tags (CacheMetadata), this kills PHP apc_bin_dump() functionality.
  • ilya: [fixed] Doctrine_Record::replace() now works fine, when record is replaced.
  • ilya: [fixed] I18n behavior never invalidates object tags on updating i18n-table columns. (thanks Yury Maksimenko)
  • ilya: [fixed] Sometimes object version stays unchanged in database (as expected), but invalidated in backend.

Release 3.0.0 - 12/02/2011

  • ilya: [added] Updating objects now does not invalidates collections tags. To invalidate collection tag you need to delete or add new object of specific collection. (thanks Roman Grigorov)
  • ilya: [fixed] Calling an unknown method from actions with a disabled cache does not throws the Exception
  • ilya: [changed] Some Cachetaggable behaviors method names renamed due to Doctrine possible conflicts.
  • ilya: [added] new additional tests
  • ilya: [updated] README

Release 2.1.3 - 03/02/2011

  • ilya: [fixed] By using doctrine migration, default column "object_version" contains NULL value (throws an exception on frontend)

Release 2.1.2 - 01/02/2011

  • ilya: [updated] README (added i18n limitation)
  • ilya: [fixed] Conclicts with SoftDelete in "preDqlDelete" + tests

Release 2.1.1 - 24/01/2011

  • ilya: [updated] README
  • ilya: [fixed] Doctrine_Template_Listener_Cachetaggable::preDqlUpdate + tests
  • ilya: [fixed] sfWebDebugLogInfo contains extra-incorrect message, sent by sfViewCacheTagManager

Release 2.1.0 - 24/12/2010

  • ilya: [updated] README
  • ilya: [added] "skipOnChange" directive (schema.yml)
  • ilya: [fixed] sfFileTaggingCache::getCacheKeys
  • ilya: [added] optimized sf*TaggingCache::getMany
  • ilya: [removed] app_sfcachetaggingplugin_template_* directives
  • ilya: [changed] Renamed getObjectVersion to obtainObjectVersion, setObjectVersion to assignObjectVersion

Release 2.0.2 - 20/11/2010

  • ilya: [updated] README
  • ilya: [fixed] SoftDelete behavior conflict

Release 2.0.1 - 22/08/2010

  • ilya: [updated] README

Release 2.0.0 - 22/08/2010

  • ilya: [added] Storing doctrine objects/collections by using build-in Doctrine mechanism
  • ilya: [added] Ability to specify differenct cache back-ends for data and tags cache
  • ilya: [added] Easy customized logger
  • ilya: [added] By switching cache off or migration to build-in cache manager will no affect code functionality
  • ilya: [added] cache info block (blue/yellow box) now display linked to cache tags with its version
  • ilya: [added] SQLite via PDO Cache backend
  • ilya: [added] new tests - code coverage: 98%;

Release 1.5.0 - 28/06/2010

  • ilya: [added] all tags now stored in symfony build in holder
  • ilya: [added] more coverage tests (91%)
  • ilya: [removed] all deprecated methods
  • ilya: [added] added listener on sfComponents to enable short-handed methods to set tags from action or component (see README)

Release 1.4.4 - 09/06/2010

  • ilya: [fixed] resolved conflict with SoftDelete build-in Doctrine behavior
  • ilya: [fixed] by saving not modified object, version was updated
  • ilya: [added] new unit/functional tests

Release 1.4.3 - 26/05/2010

  • ilya: [fixed] in case sfViewCacheTagManager is enabled and some model (schema.yml) has no "actAs: Cachetaggable" - throws uncatched exception

Release 1.4.2 - 24/05/2010

  • ilya: [fixed] confused lifetime logic on tags/locks/data
  • ilya: [fixed] sf*Cache::has() does not checking tags versions
  • ilya: [added] new section in README file: Adding tags to the action with layout
  • ilya: [added] new section in README file: Adding tags to the action without layout
  • ilya: [updated] updated tag/locks lifetime setup on 6 step section 1 (6.1)
  • ilya: [added] new functional tests on action and page tagging
  • ilya: [fixed] microtime_precision should be in range 0…6
  • mcnilz: [added] ability to add tags to the page with layout
  • ilya: [added] ability to add tags to the specific action without layout (inspired by mcnilz)
  • ilya: [added] more unit/functional tests, code coverage at 84%
  • ilya: [deleted] removed README.markdown (only for github.com)
  • ilya: [added] ability to select log format (short|extended)

Release 1.3.1 - 17/04/2010

  • ilya: [added] ability to select log format (short|extended)

Release 1.3.0 - 17/04/2010

  • ilya: [updated] README
  • ilya: [fixed] empty collections was never updated
  • ilya: [added] support to add tags to Doctrine_Collection_Cachetaggable and Doctrine_Record using any compatible types (array|ArrayAccess|Doctrine_Collection_Cachetaggable|Doctrine_Record)
  • ilya: [added] new tests

Release 1.2.0 - 11/01/2010

  • ilya: updated README
  • ilya: dql queries (update/delete) also updates version column and thier tags

Release 1.1.0 - 20/12/2009

  • ilya: update README
  • ilya: tag name could be based on many columns
  • ilya: checked opportunity to work with I18n behavior

Release 1.0.1 - 18/12/2009

  • ilya: correcting lexical/grammatical mistakes

Release 1.0.0 - 16/12/2009

  • ilya: updated setup manual in README, added Limitation block.

Release 0.1.0 - 16/12/2009

  • ilya: first release