sfCacophonyPlugin - 1.0.1

An alternative to sfMelodyPlugin

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This plugin implements the OAuth functionality for Symfony 1.4 using PECL OAuth extension.

What's OAuth? Please go to links below for best explanation I've ever seen so far.

  • http://developer.yahoo.com/oauth/guide/about.html
  • http://developer.yahoo.com/oauth/guide/oauth-auth-flow.html


  • PHP 5.3.2+
  • Pecl OAuth extension
    • http://uk3.php.net/manual/en/book.oauth.php
    • http://pecl.php.net/package/oauth
  • sfDoctrineGuardPlugin - for now it doesn't work with Propel

For now it supports OAuth 1.0 providers. So for it has been tested with:

  • Vimeo
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

A Sample application

Please go to https://github.com/nixilla/Cacophony and download the Cacophony app. It uses sfCacophonyPlugin. It's a good example of how to use this plugin.

New application example


  1. mkdir cacophony
  2. cd cacophony/
  3. mkdir -p lib/vendor
  4. cd lib/vendor/
  5. svn export http://svn.symfony-project.com/tags/RELEASE_1_4_14 symfony
  6. cd ../..
  7. php lib/vendor/symfony/data/bin/symfony generate:project cacophony
  8. cd plugins/
  9. svn export http://svn.symfony-project.com/plugins/sfDoctrineGuardPlugin/trunk/ sfDoctrineGuardPlugin
  10. svn export https://svn.github.com/nixilla/sfCacophonyPlugin.git sfCacophonyPlugin
  11. cd ../
  12. vim config/databases.yml
  13. vim config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php
  14. vim config/doctrine/schema.yml
  15. ./symfony doctrine:build --all
  16. ./symfony generate:app frontend
  17. vim web/frontend_dev.php
  18. vim apps/frontend/config/app.yml
  19. vim apps/frontend/config/settings.yml
  20. vim apps/frontend/config/filters.yml
  21. vim apps/frontend/lib/myUser.class.php


Lines 1 to 11 - we're setting up standard symfony application called cacophony with 2 plugins.

Line 12 - configure your database connection settings

Line 13 - enable 2 new plugins


Line 14 - modify sfGuardUser model to accept null for emails, as you won't get emails from some OAuth providers (optional)

      type: string(255)
      notnull: false
      unique: true

Line 15 - build models forms and filters

Line 16 - create frontend app

Line 17 - remove security check from front controller (optional)

Line 18 - add your consumer_key and consumer secret

          consumer_key: YOUR_KEY
          consumer_secret: YOUR_SECRET
          consumer_key: YOUR_ANOTHER_KEY
          consumer_secret: YOUR_ANOTHER_SECRET

Line 19 - enable modules and add sfGuard config

enabled_modules:        [default, sfGuardAuth, sfGuardRegister, sfCacophonyConsumer]

login_module:           sfGuardAuth
login_action:           signin

secure_module:          sfGuardAuth
secure_action:          secure

Line 20 - add filter

rendering: ~
security:  ~

// insert your own filters here
  class: sfCacophonyFilter

cache:     ~
execution: ~

Line 21 - change base class for myUser to sfGuardSecurityUser

class myUser extends sfGuardSecurityUser

Then ./symfony cc and you're good to go

Navigate to http://your.url/frontend_dev.php/oauth/connect/(vimeo|twitter)

Accept your app on your provider's page

and check your database (sf_guard_user and token tables)

For more information please check out the wiki on Github.