sfCalendarPlugin - 1.0.2

A calendar on steroirds.

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sfCalendarPlugin plugin

The sfCalendarPlugin is a symfony plugin that provides a better date picker with enhanced features.

  • It manages all events added to it.
  • Displays how many events are in each day.
  • Can set a Past limit on the minimum day a user can pick.
  • Can set a Future limit on the maximum day a user can pick.
  • Ajax independed. Uses old school own ajax library.


  • Install the plugin

    $ symfony plugin:install sfCalendarPlugin
  • Enable one or more modules in your settings.yml (optional)

    • For general use: sfCalendarPlugin

          enabled_modules:      [default, sfCalendarPlugin]
  • Clear you cache

    $ symfony cc

Using in you application

  • Initialise calendar in action:

        $cal = new sfCalendarPlugin();
        //Add events to calendar
        $cal->addEvent("2010-04-10","First Event");
        $cal->addEvent("2010-04-25","Second Event");
        ... and so on
        //Force user to select a date greater than 2010-01-01 (Optional)
        //Force user to select a date smaller than 2011-01-01 (Optional)
        //We save the calendar class to session (To be used in ajax navigation of months and years)
        //We pass on the calendar to the template
        $this->cal = $cal;
  • Use calendar in template:

        <!-- Generate the date picker input field -->
        <!-- The parameter represents the name & id of the input field generated -->
  • It generated a input field and a button. Once the button was clicked or the input field was clicked, the calendar will appear.

  • A demo image can be found here

    Demo image