sfCaptchaGDPlugin - 1.0.5

The sfCaptchaGDPlugin is a symfony plugin that provides captcha functionality based on GD library.

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sfCaptchaGD plugin

The sfCaptchaGDPlugin is a symfony plugin that provides captcha functionality based on GD library.

It gives you the lib with Captcha class and the module to secure your symfony forms in a minute with a good captcha.


Install the plugin for sf 1.1

    php symfony plugin:install sfCaptchaGDPlugin

Install the plugin for sf 1.0

    php symfony plugin-install http://plugins.symfony-project.com/sfCaptchaGDPlugin

Enable one or more modules in your settings.yml * sfCaptchaGD

        enabled_modules:      [sfCaptchaGD](default,)

Clear your cache

    symfony cc

Secure your form in symfony 1.1

Here is an example form class:

    class ContactForm extends sfForm
      public function configure()
          'name'    => new sfWidgetFormInput(),
          'email'   => new sfWidgetFormInput(),
          'message' => new sfWidgetFormTextarea(),
          'captcha' => new sfWidgetFormInput(),
          'name'    => 'Your name',
          'email'   => 'Your email address',
          'message' => 'Your message',
          'captcha' => 'Enter captcha code',

          'name'    => new sfValidatorString(array('required' => true)),
          'email'   => new sfValidatorEmail(),
          'message' => new sfValidatorString(array('min_length' => 4, 'required' => true)),

          // Options: 
          // length(optional) - length of code
          'captcha' => new sfValidatorCaptchaGD(array('length' => 4, 'required' => true), array('length' => 'Code length must be %length% characters', 'captcha' => 'Entered code is wrong')),


Here is an example template:

renderRow() ?> renderRow() ?> renderRow() ?> renderRow() ?>

Secure your form in symfony 1.0

To secure a symfony form:

Put the following lines inside of your form

    hasError('captcha')) echo form_error('captcha') ?>
    get('captcha')) ?><br>
    <a href=* onClick='return false' title='Reload image'><img src='/captcha?<?php echo time(); ?>' onClick='this.src="/captcha?r=" + Math.random() + "&reload=1"'></a>

Put the following code into your form's validator yml file:

              msg:            Enter characters from image
              captcha_error:  Entered characters are wrong, try again

Configuration options

These options are default for captcha, you can change any of them, putting in app.yml, i.e. /apps/frontend/config/app.yml

        image_width:                100 # image width in pixels
        image_height:               30 # image height in pixels
        chars:                      "123456789" # possible chars in captcha
        length:                     4 # length of captcha
        font_size:                  18 # font size

        # possible chars colors
        font_color:                 ["8b8787", "550707", "3526E6", "88531E"]("252525",)

        # chars fonts
        fonts:                      ["brushcut/BRUSHCUT.TTF", "molten/molten.ttf", "planet_benson/Planetbe.ttf", "whoobub/WHOOBUB_.TTF"]("akbar/akbar.ttf",) 
        background_color:           DDDDDD # image background color
        border_color:               000000 # image border color

Clear your cache

    symfony cc

All done!