sfColorPalettePlugin - 0.0.1

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sfColorPalette plugin (for symfony 1.3/1.4)

The sfColorPalettePlugin is a symfony plugin that provides a tool for developers and designers to find out that colors are using in the current app.

It gives you the model (color,file objects) and the module (sfColorPaletteColor) and tasks to scan a give folder to show those colors in a configurable plugin.


  • Install the plugin (via a package)

    symfony plugin:install sfColorPalettePlugin
  • Install the plugin (via a Subversion checkout)

    svn co http://svn.symfony-project.com/plugins/sfColorPalettePlugin/trunk plugins/sfColorPalettePlugin
  • Activate the plugin in the config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php

    class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration
      public function setup()
    • Rebuild your model

      symfony doctrine:build --all-classes

    • Update you database tables by starting from scratch (it will delete all the existing tables, then re-create them):

      symfony doctrine:build --db --and-load

    • Enable the module in your settings.yml

      all: .settings: enabled_modules: [default, sfColorPaletteColor ]

    • Add route for sfColorPaletteColor module in your routing.yml

      colorpalette: url: /colorpalette param: { module: sfColorPaletteColor, action: index }

    • Clear you cache

      symfony cc