sfContactFormPlugin - 1.0.3

A basic contact form

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The plugin is simple and usual to websites.

I use some plugins in symfony and I know how those plugins accelerate the proccess developing a website. This is my first plugin. So I tried to do something easy and usual.

To use the plugin you need install the Swift Mailer library at http://swiftmailer.org . After downloaded the Swift package, you must extract it in lib/vendor folder of your project. Insallation:

install the plugin:

$ php symfony plugin:install --stability=beta sfContactFormPlugin

enable the plugin in project_name/config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php


enable the plugin module in your project app like this frontend/config/settings.yml

  enabled_modules:        [contact]

make the rout of contact in your project app in this way frontend/config/routing.yml

  url:  /contact
  param: { module: contact, action: index }

configure the addressee and messages in your project app in this way frontend/config/app.yml

    ## Put here your email address. This email will receive the message from contact form
    email:         your_email@server.com         

    ## custom your error message            
    error:        There is an error. Cannot be sent!  

    ## custom your success message
    notice:       Your message has been sent succefull 

    ## legend your form
    legend:       Please, fill the fields and send us a message  

clear the cache

$ php symfony cc

publishing the plugin

$ php symfony plugin:publish-assets



To do:

You can open the contact module of plugin and customize it as you need. - There isn't captcha security image. - There isn't implemented the multi dispatch