sfContactGrabberPlugin - 0.5.2

The sfContactGrabberPlugin will fetch your address book from gmail.

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The 'sfContactGrabberPlugin' will fetch your address book from currently only gmail.


Address book grabber.


  • PHP 5 with CURL support (curl.so or php_curl.dll)

Installiation instructions

  • Install the plugin

    symfony plugin-install http://plugins.symfony-project.com/sfContactGrabberPlugin
  • Enable the sfContactGrabber module in your application settings.yml

        enabled_modules:        [sfContactGrabber](default,)
  • Add a writable path for cookies. ( some of the scripts need this, eg: yahoo) So in config/app.yml add the following.

      cookie_path: web/uploads
  • Clear the cache

    symfony cc
  • Include a link to the form in a view

    <?php include_partial('sfContactGrabber/form');?> 


  • A level of abstraction is made from the tpl's so they may be eaisly updated in the future as their api's change. Any changes made to them should be listed below.

Changes to third party librarys:

  • None currently


  • Add Hotmail, rediff and orkut support.


  • When CURL is not present, you may get errors like: "Warning: dl() [function.dl]: Dynamically loaded extensions aren't enabled in ....."

    • The fix is simple... go install CURL.
  • Yahoo - When the cookie path is not existing you may get an error like: Warning: fopen(/var/www/myapp/web/uploads/GrabYahoo1.4/...

    • To Fix: create the folder it is looking for.


  • For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE file that was distributed with this source code.