sfCryptoCaptchaPlugin - 0.0.3

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Changelog for release 0.0.3 - 07/04/2009

  • henearkrxern: there were some errors in the README (fixed)

Other releases

Release 0.1.1 - 03/10/2010

  • tkoomzaaskz: support for symfony 1.3, 1.4
  • tkoomzaaskz: readme updated
  • tkoomzaaskz: fixed pear install

Release 0.1.0 - 16/09/2009

  • henearkrxern: there was a fonts folder that was in the web/ dir - fixed. Thanks to: Maik

Release 0.0.9 - 10/09/2009

  • henearkrxern: there was a problem when re-displaying the form after a submit with errors on some browsers cache logic (no automatic image refresh in Konqueror) - thanks to Sotiris
  • henearkrxern: added the little adaptation to do for sf 1.1 into the README (replace routing class by manually defining routes in the routing.yml file) - thanks to M.Roos

Release 0.0.8 - 30/06/2009

  • henearkrxern: updated the validator to public instead of private to allow it's use in the action if needed - thanks to spilo101 for noticing it
  • henearkrxern: fixed a "bug" in the symfony configuration cascade that was making the plugin behave strangely - thanks to CedCannes for noticing this and other small glitches

Release 0.0.7 - 26/06/2009

  • henearkrxern: updated README

Release 0.0.5 - 25/06/2009

  • henearkrxern: packaging and svn error...

Release 0.0.3 - 07/04/2009

  • henearkrxern: there were some errors in the README (fixed)