sfDB4toPropelPlugin - 1.0.3

The sfDB4toPropelPlugin allows to transform a DB4 schema into a valid Propel schema.yml file

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sDB4toPropelPlugin for symfony 1.2.x


The sDB4toPropelPlugin is a plugin that adds to symfony a new task: propel:db4-to-propel that allows you to convert a DB4 schema (a DBDesigner 4 schema) into a valid Propel schema.yml file.

It also allows you to use tables that are defined in other plugins or other schemas (for exemple you want a define a FK to the sf_guard_user table in one of your tables)

With this plugin you can just forget the boring work of building your schema.yml by hand and stay focused on the development of your application. It is very useful at the the beginning of a project when your model is not totally defined and may change quiet often. (new tables, i18n, new columns, refactoring, tests...)


  • Install the plugin

    > symfony plugin-install http://plugins.symfony-project.com/sDB4toPropelPlugin

Or check out from the svn repository: http://svn.symfony-project.com/plugins/sfDB4toPropelPlugin/branches/1.2

  • Clear you cache

    > symfony cc

Tutorial / FAQ

Until i can convert to the Markdown synthax please follow the full tutorial on my blog, click here.

You can also find another tutorial i have made for the Jobeet Day 3 tutorial on my blog, click here.

Support / Bugs

Please write on the official blog post. I could also answer if you post on the symfony mailing list.

That's all, have fun, COil ;)