sfDIPlugin - 1.0.3

Data integration plugin.

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sfDI plugin

The sfDIPlugin is a symfony plugin that implements a stand-alone data integration package. It can request heterogeneous data from several sources and integrates it in a datagraph as SimpleXMLElement for further use by application developers. It can be extended by new wrappers to handle more data sources.

It already brings wrappers for Flickr and Photobucket.


  • Download and install the plugin

    $ symfony plugin:install sfDIPlugin-<VERSION>.tgz
  • Call the data integrator from your application

  • The method returns a datagraph as SimpleXMLElement

Extend plugin with new wrapper

  • A complete description about how to extend the plugin will be available on the upcoming project homepage.


  • Extend logging configuration (e.g. overwrite log file after 7 days, compress log file)
  • Write documentation and setup project homepage