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sfDatagrid plugin

This plugins allow to create an ajax datagrid with sorting columns, line highlight, action on the line with a checkbox, data paging, column search, etc...


Prototype must be loaded to the page

Online documentation

Go to http://symfony.swisscenter.com/datagrid

To know How use the Admin Genrator go to http://symfony.spyrit.net

AdminGenerator Step By Step :

SetUp the plugin

After download the plugin :

  • Clear your cache symfony cc
  • Open your AppConfiguration.php File

    [php] public function configure() { $this->getActive()->loadHelpers(array('Form', 'Javascript', 'Date', 'Url', 'I18N', 'Tag','Asset','Partial')); }

  • Init a new admin module [php] symfony propel:init-admin YOUR_APP YOUR_MODULE YOUR_MODEL

  • Edit the yml and change the theme to sfDataGrid

Options for the list: part

In the list part you could set :

  display: [] #Like for default theme but using = do Nothing the link is for all cells
  hide: [] #Like for default theme
  row_action: show # The action to redirect MY_MODULE/{row_action}?id={my_object_id} by default is edit
  hide_filters: [] # To hide filters for some column
  sort: [] # Like by default
  object_actions:  # Like default the link is desactivated on column and the partial _list_td_actions is loaded (without td see your cache)
  batch_actions: # Like default
  max_per_page: # Like default
  actions: # Like default
  columns_sorting: # If you want to change the render see after
  • The column sorting allow you to define the column smth_img calling model->getSmthImg() with your render But sorting on an existin column like that:

    [yml] list: display: [ smth_img ] hide_filters: [ smth_img ] # I haven't making the same operation for filters for the moment sort: [ smth_img, desc ] #Init sort on this col (optional of course) columns_sorting: smth_img: smth #Will translate sortin click smth_img to modelPeer::SMTH

Options for the edit: part

The edit could be the same as default, but you could have a special layout by using :

    row_1: [ field_1, field_2 ]
    row_2: [ field_3, field_4 ]

Add in your main css

#sf_admin_container fieldset#sf_datagrid_fieldset_none {
#sf_admin_container .form-elem label{
text-align: right;

The columns will bee in float see _edit_form_layout.php

Change title between create and edit

If you want to have a specific title for adding :

  title: My specific title # No other options is the same form