sfDbQuickAccessPlugin - 1.0.1

Admin interface for quick database access.

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sfDbQuickAccess plugin

The sfDbQuickAccessPlugin is a symfony plugin that provides an easy interface to quickly find and access tables from your configured database(s).


  • Searching for tables and table fields by names or partial names
  • Deep linking to a web based database admin interface, such as phpmyadmin
  • Perfectly combinable with keyword search in browsers like firefox to jump directly to table structures and db-admin (so typing something like db product into your browser leads you directly to a list of tables containing the string "product" with instant access to their structure and searching/modification possibilities)

So, in brief, this can simplify your life:

  • if you have databases with many tables
  • if you often have to check
    • which fields a table contains
    • which tables exist in your db (with a certain name pattern)
    • which fields exist in your db with a certain name pattern
  • if you often have to search or modify data directly in your database


  • Install the plugin (via a package)

    symfony plugin:install sfDbQuickAccessPlugin
  • Activate the plugin in the config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php

    class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration
      public function setup()
  • Enable the module in your backend (you don't want to use that in the frontend!) in apps/backend/config/settings.yml so you can access the search interface in your app

        enabled_modules: [..., sfDbQuickAccessSearch, ...]
  • Publish the plugin's assets (some styles, javascripts and icons) through

    symfony plugin:publish-assets
  • Configure your admin type and admin base path in apps/backend/config/app.yml

        # the type of admin (currently only phpmyadmin is supported)
        admin_type: phpmyadmin
        # the base path to your e.g. phpmyadmin    
        admin_base_path: https://www.yourdomain.com/phpmyadmin 
        admin_base_path: https://staging.yourdomain.com/phpmyadmin
  • Clear you cache

    symfony cc
  • Now the interface can be reached using the following url

    • http://path-to-your-symfony-backend/db-quick-access/search
  • Optional step: Add keyword searches to your browser, e.g.

    • Search table fields in your dev db, with a keyword such as flddev


    • Search tables in your prod db, with a keyword such as tblprod


    Of course you have to adapt your paths and database name, depending on the environment. If you have only one database configured, you may omit the database name.

Warning: Be sure that you don't enable the module for a non secured app, to avoid making your database structure public!


In its initial release it's only available for doctrine and has only phpMyAdmin (for MySQL) configured.