sfDoctrineActAsSerializablePlugin - 1.0.0

sfDoctrineActAsSerializablePlugin provides Serializable behavior for columns to automate mapping serialized values for tables/models.

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The sfDoctrineActAsSerializablePlugin plugin automates the handling of serializable columns. Each time a Serializable object is read from the database, the appropriate columns are unserialized, each time it is saved - the column values are seralized back.


Install the plugin via the subversion repository by executing the following command from the project root directory:

$ svn co http://svn.symfony-project.com/plugins/sfDoctrineActAsSerializablePlugin/trunk plugins/sfDoctrineActAsSerializablePlugin

or by using the default symfony plugin install command:

$ ./symfony plugin:install sfDoctrineActAsSerializablePlugin


You don't have to worry about (un)serializing data when reading the data from and saving it to the database. Everything will be done automatically from now on. It's extremely useful when you want to keep array values in the database.

# Using global behavior will make no changes.

      fields: [ features, attributes ]
      column_suffix: _srlzd

Set the fields that are going to be serializable. Doctrine will create new columns with their names concatenated with the column_suffix. In the above example, the Xxx model woud have features_srlzd and attributes_srlzd columns.

no postConstruct

The problem with Doctrine is that there can be no postConstuct hook called after a new record is created. The topic was started in 2009 and there has been no solution for the 1.x Doctrine branch yet. Hence, the hook had to be done in a different way, unfortunately. Each model that uses the Serializable behavior should have the construct method implemented with one extra line, just as below:

[php] class Xxx extends BaseXxx { public function construct() { parent::construct(); Doctrine_Auxiliary_Tools::postConstruct($this); } }

The postConstruct method creates empty values for the serializable columns.


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Thanks to

Miko Väli, who was looking for the same Doctrine feature as I was and whose question in the google groups made it clear that I have to overcome the problem myself.

Comments, bug reports, suggestions

If you want to comment on the plugin or suggest your ideas, please feel free to mail me.