sfDoctrineActAsTaggablePlugin - 0.0.7

This behavior allows tags to be attached to Doctrine objects.

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Changelog for release 0.0.7 - 09/06/2009

Addressing a packaging problem. No functional changes

Other releases

Release 1.0.1 - 06/08/2010

  • sfDoctrineActAsTaggablePlugin: filter tags array for empty tags
  • fixing schema in order to get a vaid yml syntax - see http://xav.cc/28178
  • fixed ActAs documentation for schema.yml; documented "link_function" option to tag_cloud()
  • created a renderer for tag widgets that provides user friendly tag editing features
  • added tag-input classname to the input for the new tag widget so that it is compatible with pkTagahead if necessary
  • found a bug in some logic in the component.class
  • fixed a bug with the new tag widget
  • Documented the new tag widget renderer

Release 1.0.0 - 02/02/2010

Correct PEAR channel for package. --verbose option for taggable:clean, which is now quiet by default as all cron jobs should be when nothing is wrong. Documented taggable:clean. Added additional developer credits. Acknowledged Symfony 1.3/1.4 compatibility. Fixed schema.yml syntax for indexes for the tag table, the wrong syntax was tolerated by MySQL but caused errors in SQLite. Nonbreaking spaces are no longer inserted into the left spacer of the tag typeahead module. CSS suggestions updated.

Release 0.0.7 - 09/06/2009

Addressing a packaging problem. No functional changes

Release 0.0.6 - 19/04/2009

  • Fixed XML error that kept klemens_u from showing up as a lead
  • Added boutell as a lead and agilbert as a developer
  • No code changes

Release 0.0.5 - 19/04/2009

  • Tag typeahead feature. Optional, based on jQuery (boutell)
  • getObjectTaggedWithQuery correctly returns nothing rather than everything when there are no matching objects (agilbert)
  • Removing tags works properly (boutell, agilbert)
  • getAllTagName lets you pass a query without setting select() and from() yourself (but you can if you want to) (boutell, agilbert)
  • Fixed Doctrine INDEXBY error

Release 0.0.4 - 08/03/2009

  • (klemens_u) PluginTagTable::getAllTagNameWithCount: Set the "from" query part only if not passed. This allows more complex queries with joins etc to be passed to the function.
  • (punkave) Various bugfixes

Release 0.0.3 - 13/01/2009

  • Package compatible with sf1.2 and with last svn version
  • made all failing unit-tests green
  • fixed relation in schema (klemens)
  • beautified schema (klemens)
  • removed schema.xml (klemens)
  • updated schema: don't export constraints to database for Tagging. This is necessary because multiple models can join Tagging->taggable_id (klemens)
  • fixed missing "from" part in tags removal (klemens)
  • added option for min tag occurence in selectAllTagWithCount (mickael)
  • various additional fixes for symfony 1.2 upgrade (new included doctrine version) (klemens)

Release 0.0.2 - 19/10/2008

  • Organisation of svn, documentation update (Klemens)
  • Added .xml file for plugin-manager (Mickael)

Release 0.0.1 - 22/09/2008

  • Initial public release. Features tags attachment to heterogene Doctrine objects, and includes tag-clouds generation. Some bug still remaining