sfDoctrineFaqPlugin - 1.0.2

Doctrine Port from sfFaqPlugin

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This plugin is a Doctrine port of the sfFaqPlugin http://www.symfony-project.org/plugins/sfFaqPlugin

It allows you to embed a FAQ module within your symfony application with the following features :

  • Questions are grouped into Categories
  • BackEnd Modules to manage categories and questions
  • A category can be activated or desactivated
  • The front reloads the page with a good URL for search engine optimization
  • i18n ready


  • symfony 1.4
  • Doctrine


Get the source from github into your plugins-folder:

$ git clone http://github.com/slaubi/sfDoctrineFaqPlugin

or from the SVN

$ svn co http://svn.symfony-project.com/plugins/sfDoctrineFaqPlugin/trunk plugins/sfDoctrineFaqPlugin

Rebuild the model, generate the SQL code for the new tables and insert it into your database:

$ ./symfony doctrine:build --all

Clear the cache to enable autoloading to find new classes:

$ ./symfony cc

You can load included fixtures to start using FAQ with test data.

$ cp plugins/sfDoctrineFaqPlugin/data/fixtures/fixtures.yml.example data/fixtures/sf_doctrine_faq.yml
$ ./symfony doctrine:data-load --env=frontend


plugin activation

You need to add this plugin name in the setup() method in config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php

public function setup()

Or, if your setup() uses enableAllPluginsExcept(), which is to tell what plugins you do not use, make sure the 'sfFaqPlugin' is not in the array.


Enable the new sfFaq module in your application, within settings.yml file.

// in myproject/apps/frontend/config/settings.yml
    enabled_modules:        [default, sfFaq]

// in myproject/apps/backend/config/settings.yml
    enabled_modules:        [default, sfFaqCategoryAdmin, sfFaqAdmin]

Start using the plugin by browsing front-end module's default page:

// frontend

// backend


Plugin features can be altered by configuration. To do so, check the plugin app.yml and copy the needed lines to your application's app.yml:

Routing rules

The plugin doesn't come with any routing rule. However, you can add some of your own to make the URLs look nicer. An example of set of rules you find in the config folder.

frontend-view / templates

The template is very simple to allow you all wished and needed adaptions. It is also up to you to integrate more fancy javascript/ajax if necessary.


The propel version of this plugin was developed by [http://jonathan.demoutiez.net Jonathan Demoutiez] and [http://asiajin.com/blog/ Akky Akimoto].

Modification for symfony 1.4 and migration to Doctrine is done by slaubi http://github.com/slaubi/sfDoctrineFaqPlugin