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sfDoctrineForum Plugin

Forum for symfony :

  • User with sfDoctrineGuardPlugin plugin

  • Permission on category

  • edit/delete your message

  • Put an image on your profile


Install the plugin

$ symfony plugin:install sfDoctrineForumPlugin --stability=beta

Rebuild your model

$ symfony doctrine:data-dump
$ symfony doctrine:build --all --and-load

Clear your cache

$ symfony cc

Enable the module Forum in settings.yml

    enabled_modules: [..., sfForumTopic, sfForumMessage, sfForumCategory, sfForumProfil, sfGuardAuth]

Optionnal : create administration form

$ symfony doctrine:generate-admin backend Message
$ symfony doctrine:generate-admin backend Topic
$ symfony doctrine:generate-admin backend Category

Optionnal : create user

$ symfony guard:create-user user password

Only super admin user can create category

$ sf guard:promote user