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David Valin Cabrera - Binarty - Send an email to the author

Whats this?

This is a symfony plugin to manage NestedSet models with multiple roots. It uses Doctrine ORM in backend and a pretty ajax&jquery UI in frontend to deal with the items of the tree. You need to use it as a component (in fact it is), not as a widget, you can embed it near your lists asociated to the tree model: in product list, post list... or even in single templates or WHEREVER YOU WANT.


  • sfDoctrinePlugin
  • sfJqueryReloadedPlugin

How to use it

  • First of all, make sure you have loaded the plugin in your config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php file.

  • Now enable the 'nestedSetManager' module that comes with the plugin, in /apps/yourapp/config/settings.yml:

    enabled_modules:         [default, nestedSetManager]
  • Clear the cache:

    symfony cc
  • Publish the plugin assets:

    symfony plugin:publish-assets
  • Add the 'NestedSet' Doctrine behaviour to one element of your model, example:

          hasManyRoots: true
          rootColumnName: root_id
        name: string(255)
  • Now you can include the 'manager' component in any template of your app, you need to pass 'the NestedSet model' and 'the item field' that you want to edit in the manager, example:

    <?php echo include_component('nestedSetManager','manager', array('model' => 'ProductCategory', 'field' => 'name')) ?>

Next step ?

  • Factorize and optimizations on code
  • Be able to move an element outside its level
  • Add sorting feature using drag&drop
  • UX optimizations