sfDoctrinePollPlugin - 1.0.1

Polling plugin for the Doctrine ORM

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sfDoctrinePollPlugin is a Symfony plugin which make polling a piece of cake.



User Identification

Currently user identification is determined by a static method in the PluginsfPoll model. You may change the way users are identified by overriding the method getUserIdentifier() Currently it is a concatentation of the users IP Address and the USER_AGENT


The plugin provide both Back and Front office standard modules that you can activate in the settings.yml of your apps.

In front office, you can activate the sfPolls module :

# /apps/frontend/config/settings.yml
  enabled_modules: [..., sfPolls](default,)

In back office, you should activate the sf_poll module :

# /apps/backend/config/settings.yml
  enabled_modules: [..., sf_poll](default,)