sfDoctrineRestGeneratorPlugin - 0.9.0

This plugin permits to generate REST modules bound to Doctrine models.

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Changelog for release 0.9.0 - 14/05/2010

  • added a JSON serializer

Other releases

Release 0.9.4 - 25/11/2010

  • Allow to create or update related objects in the very same request: payload parsing in a recursive way, recursive validation of the payload array, recursive generation of the validators array. Thanks to dfeyer for his contributions on this topic
  • Added a basic "show" action (thanks dfeyer)
  • Improved the performance of the XML serializer
  • Added the capacity to serialize single objects (thanks dfeyer)
  • Added cleanupParameters() method to avoid code duplication (thanks dfeyer)
  • Added setFieldVisibility() method, in order to share code between index and show actions (thanks dfeyer)
  • Added configureFields() method, in order to share code between index and show actions (thanks dfeyer)
  • Fixed executeUpdate() so that the content is not a parameter of the request, but the content of the PUT request (thanks dfeyer)
  • Fix the setFieldVisibility() method, so that object additional fields don't get stripped if they're not listed in the 'get.display' option
  • Have the XML serializer return a PHP array (thanks dfeyer)
  • Added the formats_strict option
  • Improved the deserialization abstraction
  • Added a YAML serializer
  • Improved the documentation on these topics

Release 0.9.3 - 13/08/2010

  • Added hide and embedded_relations_hide options (thanks to Pascal Borreli)
  • Made the fields filtering faster

Release 0.9.2 - 01/07/2010

  • Added events (thanks to Matthew Penrice)
  • Added a default_format parameter (thanks to Matthew Penrice)
  • Added PUT support
  • Switched to json as default serializer (faster and less verbose)
  • Improved the documentation

Release 0.9.1 - 14/05/2010

  • fixed a typo in the previous release

Release 0.9.0 - 14/05/2010

  • added a JSON serializer

Release 0.8.0 - 09/05/2010

  • REST module generation "à la admin-generator"
  • easy-to-customize generator.yml configuration file
  • possibility to embed related models
  • possibility to embed extra fields
  • validation of the GET and POST constraints using Symfony validators
  • ability to limit the number of results, with/out pagination
  • support for constraints unions (ie., http://api.example.org/city?city_id=12,13,14)
  • abstract and replaceable objects serialization